Roar Core: Helping Teams Help Themselves

Ms. Civarello

Genevieve Finn '17, Writer

The newest and coolest school club this year is Roar Core, the squad that actively works to capture and bring MC Spirit to every sports event, theater production, music concert, and art show. By now everyone has seen Roar Core members in their blue-and-gray rugby shirts or has heard about them on the morning announcements. But what exactly is Roar Core? And, more importantly, how does one join? To find out, we at The Roar spoke to founders Ms. Maloney and Mr. Callan and leaders Charlie Duysen and Kat Gerrity.

Ms. Maloney explained that the idea of Roar Core was hatched two years ago to reverse dwindling student support at certain games, such as the Men’s Water Polo NCS Championship game, which saw the Cats claim their first Section title. “Roar Core was a combination of ideas between Ms. Smith, Mr. Callan, and me. The objective was to make sure that all MC teams and activities on campus had support from fellow students.” Mr. Callan added that the tagline of Roar Core is “Helping teams promote themselves.”

If you’ve ever played an MC sport that you felt deserves more attention, then this is the club for you. “I think that the whole concept of Roar Core is awesome,” said Duysen. “It gives particular teams some motivation and legitimate fans, when in the past, [a] team may have been sometimes overlooked.”

What are the duties of a Roar Core member? Roar Core ensures that an enthusiastic group of MC students is present at (at least) one event or competition for every MC team or activity. Each of Roar Core’s leaders (of which there are currently nine) makes sure there is support at a specific game and that the fans are pumped up to cheer for the particular team. “We try to pair them up for each game, so they can help do the social media, go to Mass, create the posters, and attend the game to get the spirit going,” stated Mr. Callan. Duysen said the most exciting Roar Core event he’s attended so far was a Field Hockey match. “It was the first time I’d ever been to a field hockey game, and it was funny how much we didn’t know about it. However, we got a large crowd to come out and everyone cheered … We didn’t really know what we were cheering about, though.” Gerrity related that twenty-five Core members made a strong showing, possibly an all-time record for fans at an MC Field Hockey game.

In addition to attending games, Roar Core also manages a social media campaign for every MC sport in an effort to draw even more fans than they’re already bringing to an event. “It’s Instagram, it’s Facebook, it’s Twitter,” said Mr. Callan. The event also gets publicity from flyers and posters around school and at games, made by junior James McCarty, to whom Ms. Maloney gave a big shoutout for getting the club off the ground. Ms. Maloney also emphasized that Roar Core is not just an athletics support group. “Roar Core will be at the opening of the fall play and fall concerts because we want to make sure that those events are covered as well.”

Perhaps the best publicity is the distinctive Roar Core rugby shirts, designed by none other than Mr. Callan. “The rugby shirts are like a walking advertisement,” said Ms. Maloney. “The idea of us wearing them is that people come up to us and say, ‘Why are you wearing that shirt?’ and then we can say, ‘Oh, the Drumline’s performing, or Water Polo has a game,’ so it serves multiple purposes.” Roar Core also distributes spirit shirts to the first few people to show up to their events, another incentive for people to come to the games early and often.

Though it has already had notable success in recent months, Roar Core is still a newer club working to establish itself. Kinks are being smoothed out during the fall in preparation for the hectic spring sports schedule following the more relaxed winter season. “The challenging thing is that a lot of our leaders are leaders because already they’re involved in many activities, but the fact that they’re so involved means that they can’t do everything. We’re trying to figure out a way to make it work for everybody,” said Mr. Callan.

To join Roar Core, all you have to do is show up to the events. “Ms. Smith keeps track of who’s there, and we’re just looking for people with the initiative to support all the teams,” said Ms. Maloney. She and Mr. Callan also encourage anyone who wants to be a part of Roar Core to contact them through email to learn about upcoming events. Gerrity remarked on the importance of the club, saying, “We are the MC community and we need to show all of our Cats support.” For people undecided about joining Roar Core, Duysen added, “Roar Core is a great way to express your spirit and overall support for all things MC. Plus, you get a cool blue shirt to wear on special days!”