Stress: How Can We Combat It?


Manuel Rodriguez, Writer

From balancing too much at once or even just a specific situation, everyone knows the strain stress has on an individual. Speaking as a Marin Catholic student who has yet to face the hardest years of high school, not knowing what the future entails creates a substantial amount of stress and anxiety.  Sleep deprivation is often a factor of stress one has in their life. Many people are trapped in an endless cycle of not having enough sleep and relying upon caffeine to make it through another stress induced day. Becca Ring, a sophomore says, “I rely on extracurricular activities as they make me forget all the things I need to do.” Often the best treatment for stress is taking a step away from all responsibility and focusing on other things, such as physical exercise or taking uninterrupted time for yourself.

If one is under too much stress there are many negative side effects it has on your body, physically and mentally. Sister Rose, a Marin Catholic Human Body teacher, has stated the impact of stress on the body. “The short term effects include being fatigue while having cravings and entering into depressed states through mood swings.” “The long term effects are developing insomnia, which is restlessness nights and having cardiovascular and insulin risks later in life.” Often when under stress there isn’t a priority in a good diet or nutrition which lead to similar effects as stress. When you fuel your body with just sugar then “the sugar destroys the good bacteria in the gut. Which leads to digestive problems and leaky gut syndrome”.   When under constant stress, the mind is in turmoil as the ability to focus is impaired while becoming more emotionally unstable. When you irregularly go to bed then it is harder for your body to get into a sleeping rhythm and not utilizing the hours that you are actually asleep. When in this damaging cycle of not receiving enough sleep and maintaining a poor diet with strenuous amounts of stress, it may seem as though there is no hope to return to a healthy lifestyle, however, there are many ways to do so.

If you provide your body with a healthy diet and a consistent night sleep then your body will demonstrate the many benefits. Often it may seem as though there isn’t enough time in the day to complete all the tasks that are given. Time management is often not deliberately taught to children at a young age and is meant to be developed over time, but not all develop time management and after years of ignoring the problem only procrastination awaits. With limited time in the day, students must prioritize tasks instead of fumbling around with time. The extra hour in the day saved by productive time management can be used in whatever way benefits the person. Not being able to accomplish all the work assigned can cause a sense of anxiety, feeling as though you are being crushed by the opposing forces of the weight of time and all the tedious tasks that need to be finished. Though this does not last forever as there is a grace period in between having only a breath until the next problem created by the demands of others, eventually you are given more than just a breath of air. With everything life throws at you it may seem as though stress is the demise of many but not all things unfold predictably.

Stress has many of its negative effects on health if an individual is under extreme strain but when it is maintained under a healthy amount it has many benefits. Stress can cause your brain to become more focused than it would typically be, making for a more productive use of time. Not only does stress contribute to making someone more productive, but having more motivation to complete things as there are many more tasks ahead. There will never be a time in life where stress is unavoidable but with enough knowledge you can nip the bud that stress has on life before it becomes uncontrollable. Stress can be easily conquered in life as not every waking moment should be devoted to stress but the everlasting moments.