Art Extravaganza A Success Once Again

Alexa Barnes '18, Writer

On April 1st, the usual students and snacks were absent from the Student Center. Gone were the tables, the stacks of chairs, and the usual commotion of lunch at Marin Catholic. Instead, the space had been transformed into a gallery, celebrating the work of over 150 of MC’s student artists.

The 9th annual Art Extravaganza, held on Saturday, April 5-7, featured ceramics, photography, painting and drawing. Established in 2009, the show was intended to showcase the talents of Marin Catholic’s advanced art students, and allow all members of the MC community to celebrate their work. Each student in each upper division art course submitted one to three pieces to be displayed and judged by a panel of local professionals in each category.

Judging the ceramics category was award-winning sculptor and painter Joseph Kowalczyk. Drawing was judged by Vincent Serritella, an accomplished artist and visual effects animator. Susan Schneider, a Marin County native and self-taught artist, judged the painting category. The Photography category was judged by Kevin Lozaw, a celebrated Bay Area photographer, and Marion Little, a professional photographer and an MC alumna. In each category, the judges awarded an Honorable Mention, 1st through 3rd place, and a Judge’s Favorite award.

Students were able to select which pieces they submitted, resulting in a unique collection of student-curated pieces. The Roar spoke with Grace Redman ‘18  about her piece, “Out of My Mind”. “I thought it would be cool if instead of birds around someone’s head, I did planets. It’s on cardboard too, which is an interesting medium.” Ms. Susan Schneider, must have agreed, as “Out of My Mind” won the Judge’s Choice award for painting.

The event is not only a celebration of the student’s efforts, but also a reflection of how the art teachers have inspired their students. “I love to see the culmination of all the hard work the students have done, and the diversity of selections” said Ms. Laurie Reemsnyder (Photography). Mr. Mark Jaeger (Ceramics) had a similar reaction when asked about the show. “Too see all that effort come to such a beautiful result is fantastic” said Jaeger. “For [the students] to feel that appreciation, to know that the public cares, is really the ultimate goal.” Indeed, the show was attended by all members of the Marin Catholic community, who converged to recognize and appreciate the art of the students.

Parent Jennifer Skinner highlighted the unique opportunity the event provides. “The reason why I love this event is that it showcases talent that classmates don’t normally get to see from one another, and it brings together all these different groups of kids. There’s athletes here, there’s musicians here, there’s kids who are academic and you see this side of them that you don’t normally get to see.”

The night culminated with a presentation of the awards, emceed by Mr. Mark Jaeger. Twenty students were recognized for their outstanding achievements, including Paige Mohderson ‘18, who won the People’s Choice Award. Her painting, “Tiger Eyes”, received the most votes from attendees, though the competition was tight. “For me, the best part about the art extravaganza is never getting an award, but rather seeing all the talent in MC’s art department and appreciating it along with everyone else. Winning the People’s Choice Award this year made the experience even more special and I feel more motivated than ever to create more of what I love.” said Mohderson.

As always, the event was an extraordinary success, and served as a unique opportunity to celebrate the student’s creativity and artistic talents.




Honorable Mention: “Aqua Blues” Lindsay Cobb ’17

3rd Place: “Skull #2” Isabella Incaviglia ’18

2nd Place: “Series of Jugs” Brady McCallister ’17

1st Place: “Pride and Joy” Courtney Sharps ’17

Judges’ Choice: “Divided States of America?” Gina Erigero ’17


Honorable Mention: “Rihanna”  Sara Kennedy ‘19

3rd Place: “Jaws 3.0” Mathew Kositzin ‘19

2nd Place: “Revival” Charlotte Hall

1st Place: “Wonder” Maria Tassone ‘19

Judges’ Choice: “Untitled” Buddy Seto-Myers


Honorable Mention: “Winter’s White Hood” Grace Trocki ’17

3rd Place: “Some Trees and Rocks” Kaylin Boyle ’17

2nd Place: “Crested Caracara” Rachel Schottsted ’18

1st Place: “Stranger” Beatrice Astle ’18

Judges’ Choice: “Out of My Mind” Grace Redman ’18


Honorable Mention: “Charlie” Daniel Ongaro ‘18

3rd Place: “Swing” Sean Henry ‘18

2nd Place: “A Bowl of Apples” Marissa Davidson ‘19

1st Place: “The Light Within” Grace Trocki ‘17

Judges’ Choice: “Distortion” Jack Wight ‘18