A Six-Week Season But a Bond Stronger than Superglue: A Spotlight on Womens’ Field Hockey

Addy Trombley '18 and Jane Grubb '18

In a sea of competitive Marin Catholic athletics, field hockey is one unique, easygoing fish. The players always have fun and take the season one day at a time, unconcerned with winning every game or even one game, for that matter! What they care about is supporting their team members and playing a sport they love.

After interviewing two seniors who have both played for the majority of their high school years, The Roar found that field hockey has a very special vibe at MC because it brings girls from all athletic backgrounds together to learn and succeed at a sport new to most. Take our first interviewee, senior Julie Torres, for example. She tried out for water polo freshman year, but it was too intense for her; she instead turned to field hockey as an alternative and has played ever since. A second interviewee Alicia McHugh, another senior, wanted to play a team sport during her sophomore year. She heard field hockey was “easy to learn and very team oriented” and gave it a shot. Fortunately, she loved it and continued playing every season for the next three years. In fact, many of this year’s seniors knew next to nothing about the sport when they joined the team, so learning it together was a great bonding experience. Practices are intense workouts, but the season is only six weeks long because there are few Bay Area teams to compete against. Within a very short time, the girls usually become as fierce friends as they are athletes.

The seniors interviewed all related that this was their favorite season out of every year they have played. Even though they didn’t win a game, the team cheered each other on and grew to love one another as sisters, no matter each teammate’s grade or skill level. Mention this year’s field hockey squad to any of its members and receive a reaction full of excitement and funny stories about team experiences and individual experiences. This year was filled with laughter and novelty for everyone because of the change in practice venue. The team used to practice at Piper Park, but moved to MC’s baseball field this year. The baseball field provided little shade for the players and their pregnant coach, so the girls resorted to buying a tent to escape the heat! One senior recalled that o​n a particularly blustery day, the tent went flying towards the players, who ran and shouted to get out of the giant hurtling object’s path! Thankfully, no one was injured – but the experience proved that field hockey is indeed one exciting and physical sport.

Another bonding experience for the field hockey girls happened before school started. The girls played a world-class field hockey team from Britain as one of the British team’s stops on its tour of America. Playing this team taught the girls the importance of communication and hard work on and off the field, and by the end of the season each girl looked back fondly on their six-week long experience. The field hockey crew concluded that the returning girls can’t wait for next year’s season and hope that the team improves and strengthens its friendship even more – plus it would always be nice to win a game or two!