Marin Catholic Girls Swim Team: Back-to-Back Champions?

Woody Hunt

Annie Ward '17, Writer

As one of the less talked-about sports at Marin Catholic, the women’s swim team is definitely not a team you want to overlook. The MC girls swim team won the MCAL championship for the first time in forty-two years last season with senior Aislinn Dressel leading the team. This season the swim team has lost over fifteen swimmers, but after talking to senior Maya Sullivan and junior Natalie Galuszka, the Cats still believe they have a chance to win back-to-back MCAL championships.

Sullivan, who normally swims the 200-yard IM and 100-yard Breaststroke, knows that the team will face challenges this season due to losing multiple girls from last season.  She believes that the coaches will have to figure out the best lineup possible to make up for the points.  Maya Sullivan is swimming for her fourth year in a row and is now a senior leader.  Along with the other seniors, she says, “We got a taste of winning last year and I think it pushed a lot of us, especially the seniors, to give it our all so we can go out with a win.”

As a junior, Natalie Galuszka is an instrumental member of the MC swim team.  Galuszka generally swims the 50 free, 100 free, the 200 and 400 free relay.  She has a goal of improving her times each meet and also hopes to bring the team together. Galuszka has accepted the challenge of creating a sense of community between the forty-five swimmers: “In the past I have felt the swim team has been kind of distant. I hope to change that this year.”

The MC swim team works hard every practice but they also know how to have a good time.  Galuszka’s favorite memory is the donut relay at the end of Thursday practices which consists of swimming to one side of the pool, eating a donut as fast as you can, showing the coaches you ate it, and swimming back to the other side.  “By the end of the relay there’s donut chunks all over the pool… it’s disgusting.”

Despite the fact that the Marin Catholic Women’s Swim Team faces substantial challenges this season, Sullivan and Galuska say, “Our team has a lot of potential, and we are ready to do everything we can to win!”