2016-2017 Staff

Kalyb Champion '18


Kalyb Champion is a junior this year. He covers local, regional, and national sports for The Roar.

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Erwin Smith '18


Erwin Smith is a junior at Marin Catholic.

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Abby Ranghiasci '18


Abby is a junior at Marin Catholic.

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Shannon Sutherland '19


Shannon is a sophomore at MC. She is passionate about world issues, political news, and writing.

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Alexa Barnes '18


Alexa Barnes is a junior this year. She collects lip balm and her favorite article of clothing is a scarf. She plays water polo, swims, and works as a lifeguard.  

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Elizabeth Neill '17


Elizabeth is a senior at Marin Catholic. She is involved in the Italian Club and the Liturgy Choir. She is interested in traveling and environmental science-related topics. Outside of school, she loves reading novels, volleyball...

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Adeleine Trombley '18


Adeleine is a junior at MC. She is involved in field hockey, Outdoors Club, and the Ultimate Frisbee Club. Outside of school, she is an avid Criminal Minds fan and loves spending time re-reading her favorite books.

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Jane Grubb '18


Jane is a junior this year. You can usually find her on the field hockey green or binge watching Netflix at home - her record is two seasons in just one day! A quirk of Jane's is that she doesn't like capitalizing letters when...

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Ella Mulligan '19


Ella Mulligan is a a sophomore this year. She is a volleyball team captain, a member of Girl's League, and a lover of the show Grey's Anatomy. When she is an adult, she would like to be a lawyer, a journalist, or a publicis...

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Natalie Sparks '17


Natalie Sparks is a senior this year, and is known for her sparkling (get it?) personality. Natalie writes about a range of topics, but mainly focuses on student life and social issues.

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Kate Livermore '17


Kate Livermore is a senior at Marin Catholic who writes sports, student life, and opinion articles. She loves rowing, hanging out with her three younger sisters, and being on the East Coast.

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Kyra Fleischman '17


Kyra Fleischman is a senior at Marin Catholic, and is The Roar's Health and Wellness writer. Kyra's favorite show is Grey's Anatomy, but unfortunately, the script writer enjoys killing off her favorite characters. A fun fact...

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Andrew Colletti '17


Andrew Colletti is a senior at Marin Catholic who covers sports, student life, and world news. He is a wide receiver for the football team and a hurdler for the track team. When he is older, he'd like to live in Marin and work...

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Caroline Brockman '17


Caroline Brockman is a senior at Marin Catholic who authors the popular articles "Humans of MC" (passed down from original writer Djosy Charles). Caroline is an avid hiker and cross-country runner, loves photography, nature,...

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Amber Kroner '17


Amber Kroner is The Roar's resident music critic, with an extensive knowledge of indie bands and a love of writing.

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Genevieve Finn '17


Genevieve Finn is a senior at Marin Catholic who runs The Roar, and covers student life and opinion topics. She plays water polo, swims, and is a member of Mock Trial and Student Council.

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Lauren Lombardi '18


Lauren Lombardi is a junior at MC. She is involved with the water polo and swim teams, the Rotary Interact Club, and the Outings Club. In the future, she would like to work in a job involving math (such as accounting) and travel...

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Sophia Lechner '17

Copy Editor

Sophia is a senior at Marin Catholic. She sp is a member of CSF, Art Club, and Respect Life Club. She also enjoys hiking, baking, and running for MC’s Cross Country Team.

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