A Success Called Kairos


Sheela Ziari '15, Writer

The first Kairos retreat of the year took place from October 14th to the 17th. Just like all the previous Kairos retreats, it was a success thanks to the participation of my classmates and the help of the Campus Ministry team. Kairos is a time to spend away from the daily obligations and responsibilities we have at home and school. It’s a time for God and for one other. The beginning of senior year is a perfect time for this retreat because it gives students the opportunity to form friendships and bonds that can be built on throughout the year. Kairos is different from every retreat because of its variety of student leaders and unique retreatants.

The leaders who spent countless hours getting ready for this spiritual journey were the juniors who went last year, in March, with the Class of 2014. I got the opportunity to lead my classmates on this Kairos along with Jack Feeney, Carmela Karcher, Chris Yates, Will Thompson, Diana Diaz, and Lee Anne Kromhout. We were all extremely excited to put our leadership skills and hard work into practice when the week came. When the bus full of anxious retreatants arrived to the presentation center in Los Gatos, we could already predict the nature of the wonderful experience we were about to spend through the faith-filled Kairos journey. With the group of student leaders, teachers, and retreatants, the four days spent on this fall’s Kairos were a success and hopefully an exposure to new people, friendships, and faith that will be unforgettable. I encourage every student at Marin Catholic to participate in this experience — it is one you will never regret.