Spotlight on Marin Catholic’s Photographers

Cameron Fairchild '15

Grace Degnan '15 and Danielle Robison '15

Marin Catholic’s photography students have been all over the bay, from Santa Rosa to Monterey and beyond these last couple months.  Piling up in the Yukons,  Honors Photo 3 students set out to Safari West an early September morning for the full African jungle experience, with multitudes of foreign sounds, smells, and, of course, animals.  This was all made possible by the team at Safari West, who work with over 800 wild animals every day with a mission of preservation through education.

Safari West

Safari West, Grace Degnan ’15

The favorite enclosure amongst the photographers was unanimously the giraffe habitat because of the animals’ outgoing personalities and likelihood to approach the caravan (one came so close up it was practically squishing the students on top of the vehicle!).

Safari West

Safari West, Grace Degnan ’15

Another popular favorite was the rhinoceros exhibit. One area contained a female and male rhino who had lived together throughout their whole time spent at Safari West.  Both were fully grown and were absolutely breathtaking creatures to observe.

Students also observed other animals such as monkeys, lemurs, cheetahs and various exotic birds up-close. The students exclaimed that it was an absolutely amazing experience to be able to tour and photograph a place like Safari West, which puts the animals’ needs first and supports efforts of preservation and rehabilitation of the wild animals in Africa as well as on their wildlife preserve.


Carmel Trip Down the Coast

Another group of photography students traveled down to Monterey and Carmel early in October for a weekend field trip with Mrs. Reemsnyder in order to closely learn about some of the photographers they had been researching in class and to explore the beautiful area.

Carmel Sunset

Carmel Sunset, Weston Kirby ’16

The students first arrived at the Weston household, which is where the legendary Edward Weston once lived.  His grandson, who is also a photographer, showed them around the antique home, which included an old darkroom and many special features unique to Weston’s original desired design for his humble home.


Weston’s, Vinca Rivera ’16

Throughout the trip the photographers also visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where they viewed a number of different sea animals including jellyfish, sea turtles, leopard sharks, and many many more.  A unique exhibit they observed was the otter feeding.


Aquarium, Cameron Fairchild ’15

Finally, on their last day, the young photographers were taken all around Carmel’s beautiful coast with Doug Steakley, a famous photographer who offers workshops for groups hoping to develop their artistic eyes through nature photography.

Coastline Tour

Coastline Tour, Danielle Robison ’15

As you can see, Marin Catholic’s photographers have been busy at work and in exploration all year so far, and there are a multitude of activities coming up for the photo students in the weeks to come, such as the Bank of Marin Calendar and Photophilanthropy contests.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the awesome exhibits in the front office and the art wing for all the photographers’ beautiful pictures!