Marin Catholic Wishes Farewell to Sisters Thomas Aquinas, Maria José

Sarah Coduto '15, Editor-in-Chief

In the years that they have been with us, the Sisters have become an iconic part of Marin Catholic. This year, we lost two beloved Sisters — Sister Thomas Aquinas and Sister Maria José — who are continuing spreading God’s word in other parts of the country. Marin Catholic will forever fondly remember these women, who touched the hearts and lives of everyone who came their way.


Nicki Clausen first came into close relationship with the Sisters when she was a sophomore, when she had Sister Miriam and Sister Maria José as teachers. “There was immediately a connection,” she fondly recalls. “I soon became close with all of [the Sisters], and after a while our relationships formed and grew.” While she loved every Sister, Nicki reflects that her relationship with Sister Thomas Aquinas was the most profound. “When I first had the idea to go to Africa, Sister Thomas Aquinas was the first person I told… She was the only person I trusted to tell first. The day that I left for Africa, she gave me the most beautiful orange rosary for me to have during the trip. I still carry the orange rosary around in my backpack every day.”


A.J. Michna’s relationship with the Sisters started much more slowly. “I came from a public school and had no religious teaching in the first place,” he says. “I was slowly getting used to having Sisters as teachers. But as I got to know them, I could tell that a great relationship was forming. They turned into a great support system.” Between the two Sisters who left, A.J. was closest with Sister Maria José. “Her kindness and generosity helped me through a very hard time. She was a huge supporter and always someone I could turn to.”


The lives of Nicki, A.J., and countless others have been undeniably changed by the Sisters’ presence. “If Sister Thomas Aquinas were reading this right now,” Nicki says, “I would say that senior year has been really difficult without you, but I know that you’re in the right place. I would also like to say thank you. I don’t think ‘thank you’ is enough for me to express how grateful I am. I think that my life has been changed because I’ve met you.” A.J.’s message is similar: “I would tell [Sister Maria José] thank you and I miss you. That everyone here at MC wishes you were back, but we know you are spreading God’s love to everyone you meet, touching new people’s lives each and every day.”


Thank you to the amazing Sisters whose presence changed the lives and hearts of so many. We will never forget you.