A Letter to the Senior Class


Ella Mulligan, Editor-in-Chief

Well Class of 2019, we’ve finally made it.  Senior year. One that many of us are probably dreading yet also extremely excited for (at least, that’s how I feel).  Over the next nine months, our class will undergo a variety of different challenges and events that will lead up to our inevitable dispersion across the rest of the country and quite possibly the world.  Before we get to this exodus, however, we must first survive the rest of our senior year and all that comes with it.

Something I believe we have to remember is that while it may feel like the days currently slog by at a snail’s pace, our senior year will pass us by at lightning speed.  I, for one, don’t want to have any regrets about it. We need to make the most of our last year in high school; we will never have an experience like this again.

What I’m proposing is that we as a class go all out for these next nine months and try to make memories that we will never forget.  We should create more class events outside of school to go to; beach days, bonfires, sunsets, and whatever other adventures we can dream up.  Go all out at rallies, show the underclassmen that we have the most spirit and are ready to show it. Attend every concert, play, or musical just to experience the amazing talent in the senior class and to cheer all of our artists and performers on; let’s show them how much we appreciate them.  Go to games and support all of our amazing athletes. The class of 2019 has so many incredible athletes within it, a large percent of whom are going to college for those sports. Cheer on those teams and show our athletes that we have pride in them. Go to the last three high school dances we will ever have. Homecoming, Turnabout, and eventually Senior Ball are all going to be such fantastic experiences that you shouldn’t miss out on.  There is so much to look forward to this year that we should get to experience and not miss out on.

As I am writing this, I know everyone is thinking about their college applications and finishing up those last minute standardized tests.  Like most people in our class I know how stressful it is to be a senior and be worrying about all the life-changing decisions we will be making over the next nine months, but that shouldn’t stop us from having one of the most amazing years ever.  Try new clubs, get more involved around campus, meet new people, and making those lasting memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Let’s make a pledge to ourselves to try something new everyday and to have the best year of our high school lives.  Finish off this year strong and go cats!