Dance Team: Who’s Got that Wildcat Beat?


Talynne Confar '21, Writer

“There is something about strength in numbers that has power to it”, says Kenzie Morgenlander about the new cheer team this year. In past years at Marin Catholic, many students have neglected to acknowledge the cheer team along with the rest of our sports teams. But the new and improved team has really noticed a more positive environment at both practices and performances. A goal for the team this year is to grow stronger, to gain increased respect, and to have cheer be recognized as the demanding sport it is.

Varsity Dance Team Captains 2017
Team Captains Gemmajean Patterson, Danielle Chan, and Kenzie Morgenlaender (Varsity Dance 2017)

    The team is trying to get the student body to be more supportive of them and what they do. Supporting them throughout their rebranding is definitely important to them, and will help them maintain their motivation to cheer and keep their good attitudes!

    This year, the team captains, Gemmajean Patterson, Kenzie Morgenlander, and Danielle Chan, are really trying to transfer from being a dance team to a cheer team, which means going from a more “flowy type style, to harder, sharper moves.” They are also hoping to be able to participate in MCALs for cheer, in the upcoming years and are looking forward to being able to do level changes, similar to stunts.

     This past summer, a handful of the teammates attended a summer camp aimed at team bonding and improved skill. They are hopeful that next year the entire squad–twenty-eight women strong–will be able to attend.

      If you are interested in helping out the team, get out to the games and cheer along with them in the stands. Let’s show those Wildcats who cheer to support us our support for them!