Humans of Marin Catholic: Kristen Bell, Ms. Collins, Mr. Manfredi


Addy Trombley '18

A reader favorite, Humans of Marin Catholic has returned. It’s a light, quick read, and a great way to get to know members of the MC community.

Kristen Bell

The Roar: What are you most looking forward to during your senior year?

Kristen Bell: I’m looking forward to Kairos the most, to be able to meet new people and get to know teacher’s better. I’m excited to go out to breakfast with my little Kairos family. I’m super excited for the Senior vs. faculty basketball game, too even though I’m terrible but I it’s gonna be so fun. And of course Senior Ball and Senior privileges.

The Roar: What are you happiest about right now?

Kristen: I’m psyched to be eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and psyched to be being interviewed. I’m also excited to work out at the girls only work out. Oh also, my brother has made me a 3D printed cat fidget spinner, which is pretty cool.

The Roar: How do you feel about your resting worried face?

Kristen: Oh yes, it’s not a blessing or a curse, but many teachers stop class to ask why I’m so worried and stressed out. I guess I realized I have a resting worried face, I can’t help it, it doesn’t feel like I’m worried so it’s not the worst thing in the world.

The Roar: One word of advice you have for freshman?

Reach out more and try new things and try to get involved. Give everything a chance and don’t be afraid to expand outside of your circle.


Mr. Manfredi

What do you wish you knew in High School?

Mr. Manfredi: I wish I knew how unimportant everything I went through in high school actually was and that I had the clarity that the future and everything that God has in store for us is so much bigger than high school.

What are you happiest about?

Mr. Manfredi: That I have two healthy, beautiful children and a happy, healthy wife.

What do you most like about MC?

Mr. Manfredi:The people, the faculty, staff, students; everyone.

How are the freshman?

Mr. Manfredi: I love freshman. This class so far, a few weeks in, is fantastic. They’re already asking questions and raising hands. I’ve already taught them the Alma Mater, so they’re learning that.


Ms. Collins

What are you happiest about right now?

Ms. Collins: Talking with Addy and sharing my impressions of Marin Catholic.

What is something people ask for often?

Ms. Collins: Often times students ask for more serious drugs than ibuprofen, like Tums and things that I don’t have.

What do you love most about MC?

Ms. Collins: The kids. Years ago, when I started, people said “Oh high school kids that’s horrible” and I thought something must be wrong with me, because I love high school kids and always enjoy talking to them.  

What do you wish you could tell the high schoolers?

Ms. Collins: To keep your chin up and get involved and make new friends. I went to MC and I got really involved with activities, clubs and student council. l hope I’m making MC a better place and that students feel they can come to me for most anything. Even if I don’t have what they want I can direct them to the right place or ask what’s bothering them. I was once called the air traffic controller and I really liked that. My hope is that the kids feel like they can come to me.