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The Roar thanks Jennifer Skinner for this photo.

The Roar thanks Jennifer Skinner for this photo.

The Roar thanks Jennifer Skinner for this photo.

The Roar thanks Jennifer Skinner for this photo.

Lucy Whiteford '19, Writer

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Students often discuss the various differences between Marin Catholic and other schools in the area, but not many can say that they have actually encountered both private and public high school experiences. Coming to MC from Redwood as a sophomore this year has widened my perspective, making me realize how distinctive every aspect of Marin Catholic really is. From Hydro Flasks to Sperry’s, we have a unique culture here that deserves to be acknowledged. Here are the top 20 #JustMCThings that I have chosen to recognize:


You know you go to MC when..

1.) You wear Ugg slippers as though they’re any other pair of shoes (rain or shine).

2.) You own a black, The North Face backpack.

3.) You walked to Bon Air after school as a freshman most Fridays.

4.) You have one or more Hydro Flasks, probably decorated with “trendy” stickers.

5.) You wear scrunchies instead of hairbands.

6.) You wear liturgy dress (and take group photos while wearing it, of course).

7.) You wear Hunter rain boots for the purpose of being stylish, not because it’s raining.

8.) You wear a Patagonia vest over a hoodie as though it’s a shirt.

9.) 3 words: Chocolate. Chip. Muffins.

10.) Your pet peeve is when people don’t log out of their MC Connect on the library computers.

11.) You use backpacks instead of shoulder bags.

12.) You wear Sperry’s (with your liturgy outfit).

13.) You own a The North Face rain jacket, probably in black.

14.) One of your favorite parts of rallies is when the drum line comes in.

15.) You have at least one sister as a teacher.

16.) You have to miss the St. Patty’s Day parade every year for the fashion show.

17.) You never worry about forgetting to lock your car in senior lot because it’s so safe.

18.) You automatically know that the response to a chant of “Daddy’s Money” by another school is always “4 Year College.”

19.) You always know Ms. Hanley is nearby when you hear the sound of heels walking down the hall.

20.) And, of course, you know that your time here goes by too fast and that you’ll miss it terribly when you graduate.

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