Class of 2017 D1 Commits Reflect on Their Journeys

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Class of 2017 D1 Commits Reflect on Their Journeys

Kate Livermore '17, Writer

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With the recent signing of the Class of 2017’s National Letters of Intent, The Roar decided to sit down with some of our committed students, and learn more about their history with their sport as well as why they picked the university they will be attending next fall. Marin Catholic has sent countless athletes off to D1 Universities, coaching them to excel and balance both academics and athletics. We are very excited to see how these Marin Catholic student-athletes represent our school as they play for their new universities.

John Sutro plays attack and midfield in lacrosse for Marin Catholic. He started playing in the third grade with his childhood friends Zac Jacobson and Charlie Hunt. His dad introduced him to the sport as a young kid.

Now, John Sutro has committed to playing lacrosse for Colorado College in Colorado Springs. He decided to commit there, “because they’re a really unique school that was a great fit for me. I did a couple overnights there and I really enjoyed the team and the culture of the school. Their lacrosse team made it to the second round of the NCAA tournament and we were ranked in the top 20.” His inspiration lies in his dad’s ability to push him into becoming a better player.

Julianna Pereira is a rower for the Marin Rowing Association, one of the top rowing programs in the nation. She began rowing last year, but fell in love with the sport and recently committed to row at the United States Naval Academy.

Julianna decided to commit there because she was excited to see the person she would become not only after rigorous academics and athletics, but also after military training. At the U.S. Naval Academy, you are required to serve a set amount of years after graduating. When she stepped on campus during her unofficial visit, she could not stop smiling. She loves what the school stands for and can’t wait to attend her dream university.

Joey Calcaterra is a shooting guard for the Varsity Boy’s Basketball Team at MC. He has been playing since he was very young, and has had his brothers by his side for his entire life, motivating him and leading up to success.

After a very long and stressful recruiting process, Joey has accepted a full ride to the University of San Diego. He appreciates the good weather, strong academics, and successful basketball team. He took an official visit there and loved it so much that he decided to commit while there.

All three agreed that playing at MC was an unbeatable experience. John appreciates the camaraderie of the Marin Catholic lacrosse team, which created an uncomparable atmosphere. Hanging with his teammates in the weight room allows for better relationships on the fields while playing games. Both Julianna and Joey appreciated the awareness and support the teachers at MC provide for our student athletes. They felt that each teacher understood their time commitment and worked with them to find solutions.

All three sports had very different recruiting processes, consisting of many visits, emails, and offers.

Joey had been communicating with coaches since his freshman year, constantly playing for other teams and in tournaments to try and get his name known. The most difficult part for him was deciding on what college to go to, because as one of the top shooting guards in the state, he had received many offers. The hardest part about his recruiting process was ending relationships with such kind coaches that he had been communicating with for years.

Julianna began talking to Navy last year, and did an unofficial visit to the school last year. After meeting the coaches, she decided to do a summer camp there, where she learned more about the team and the coaching style. When she would send emails to the coach, she would constantly refresh her email, anxious for a response. Eventually, she took an official visit there, where she stayed with an athlete representative attending classes and practices, and decided to commit there.

John began talking with the Colorado College coach and decided to commit there because it seemed like a great fit for him after he took a couple of overnights. He was looking for a successful lacrosse school, and Colorado College made it to the second round of the NCAA tournament, ranking in the top 20. Colorado College combined rigorous academics with a great sense of community.

All agreed that the team atmosphere at Marin Catholic, was the best part of their high school athletic experience. John stated that the reliance on each other and staying level headed allowed him to succeed with his team even when they were down in the fourth quarter. Julianna stressed the importance of the MC teachers involvement in balancing academics and athletics. She felt as though they were very open-minded and full of support. Joey appreciated MC’s ability to instill time management into him, a useful skill needed for the rest of his life.  

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