Fashion Show Art Contest Winners Produce Striking Interpretations of “One Starry Night”

Ella Mulligan '19, Writer

With the MC fashion show quickly approaching, new artwork was needed in order to showcase the amazing student talent at MC as well as pump up the students for what should be a fantastic show this year.  There were three winners of this year’s art contest, all with different art styles and creative processes. Sophomore Maria Tassone and Juniors Maria Fernandez Perez and Sara Lange all had inspiring and thought provoking pieces that will properly showcase the fashion show’s theme.  Each of the winners graciously allowed themselves to be interviewed and give some insight into their pieces.


For Maria Tassone’s submission, she created a piece using acrylic paints on canvas.  This artwork features Marin Catholic’s campus transformed to resemble Van Gogh’s famous painting Starry Night.  Her excitement for this opportunity was readily apparent. The moment she heard about the competition, Maria ripped out a piece of binder paper and hurriedly sketched down her ideas so that she would not forget about the different pieces she was thinking of submitting.  She went on to explain that many of the art pieces she creates start out in a similar fashion, with a hurried sketch that will be revisited and perfected in order to continue the ideas she has at an inopportune moment. It was shocking to discover that her piece had only taken her a single weekend to complete. Maria does admit however that she worked from nine in the morning until twelve o’clock at night and was so engrossed in her work that she even forgot to eat!  However, all that hard work ended up paying off in the end and Maria will see the fruits of her labor at this years fashion show.


For Maria Perez’s piece, she also used acrylic paint on canvas to create a painting that features a beautiful cityscape surrounded by a bright moon and stars that swirl around the canvas.  Maria was inspired to create this piece because of the opportunity it gave her to show the MC community where she feels the most comfortable: surrounded by shining stars and a radiant moon. According to Maria Perez, her masterpiece was created over a span of three weeks to a month. Her reasoning for this? Maria explained that she is a person who is extremely focused on detail.  By looking at her artwork, anyone can tell that she is a skilled artist and is very deserving of the opportunity she has been given to showcase her artwork in the fashion show this year.


Last, but certainly not least, was winner Sara Lange who used a mixture of watercolor and acrylic paints to create her piece. Her artwork features a human figure staring up into a dark sky illuminated by a single shining star. To create this piece, Sara decided to use the theme of One Starry Night and directly translated it to make an artwork with a single star in the sky.  The artwork that she submitted for the contest was her first and final draft and took around an hour and a half to complete. She will also be able to present her immense talent to all fashion show attendees this year.

The MC fashion show’s new logo has been expertly created by Maria Tassone, Maria Perez, and Sara Lange.  The masterpieces that were painstakingly created by these three artists will definitely pump up the MC community for what should be a fun filled fashion show.