Fall Sports Update

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Fall Sports Update

Abby Ranghiasci '18, Writer

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At Marin Catholic, we are known for our robust athletic programs. We at The Roar interviewed athletes from three Fall sports teams. Compare their answers below!

First we interviewed Zoe Wedge, a senior captain on the golf team and a veteran of 4 years.

Zoe described her team as “energetic, hardworking, supportive”. In response to the question “How do you think your season is going so far?”, she answered “The season is going well […]! Other than a couple rough matches, I have improved from last year and really improved on certain shots I have been working on. I hope to continue to improve to achieve my goals throughout the season. Overall, the team has done really great, winning almost all of our matches!”

Zoe said that her favorite part of golf is playing and being with the girls. “I was the only freshman during my first year on the team, and since then all of the girls have been so inviting.” Zoe looks forward to every match because she loves to play the sport alongside her phenomenal teammates.

The Roar interviewed junior Addy Trombley, a three-year field hockey player. Addy’s lighthearted yet competitive teammates have made this season the best yet, “We scored a goal in the second game!! Usually our only goal comes during the last game.” The girls improve every game, which creates a dynamic that is fascinating to watch.

“I love the friendships you can make on the team,” Addy related. “I’m still best friends with the girls who I met on the first day of freshman year.” Field hockey has recently experienced a surge in school support–the girls are so excited to have such a high turnout for their Roar Core days and to have gained more recognition for their hard work.

Lastly, The Roar asked sophomore Varsity football player Cole Truex for the lowdown on this year’s football squad. Cole expounded on his dedicated and determined teammates, and lauded the “brotherhood” of the team as being one of the most special aspects of the sport.

Cole’s favorite part about football at MC is “watching the results from all our hard work and countless hours of practice pay off in the game.” The football team works together as unit, with each player inhabiting a special role on the field. “We win and we lose as one. Not individuals.”, Cole told us. When we asked Cole what he thought of his team’s progress so far, he responded, “Our pre-season went pretty well. We went out and played our best all three games, and came out on top.” Here’s hoping that the football team is blessed with continued success throughout the regular season.

Best of luck, athletes!

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