Hozier Proves He’s No “One-Hit Wonder” at The Greek


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Amber Kroner '17, Writer

Andrew Hozier-Byrne, popularly known as “Hozier,” stole everyone’s hearts on October 23rd at the Berkeley Greek Theater. His famous, beautifully powerful voice filled up the stadium, singing highlighted songs such as “In a Week”, “Jackie and Wilson”, “Take Me To Church”, “From Eden”, and closing with “Cherry Wine”. You may recognize his powerful lyrics and mellow beats from the radio. His famous song, “Take Me To Church” and its heart-wrenching music video discuss darker-thought provoking themes. His entire leaves the listener in awe given his superb talent and beautiful lyrics.

We at The Roar couldn’t be happier that Hozier is bringing soul back into the mainstream music scene. The Irish singer-songwriter writes and performs songs with genres as wide as indie rock, blues, folk, and gospel.

A distinctive component of his music is his angelic voice. Sweet, mellow, and deep, he sings astounding with confidence.

Aside from the fact that he makes and performs amazing music, Hozier is also just the nicest, kindest person. He took the time to thank every single person in his tour, including the opening band, “Little Green Cars.” He applauded each sound person, the people in charge of lighting, and even his driver. He knew all their names and faces and genuinely thought that they deserved to be thanked for all their hard work. The Berkeley show was his last in the US, as he said that he would be making his way back to Europe for his tour there. It was his number one priority to give a fantastic last show for us in America.

Hozier’s music itself is incredible. His first album contains songs varying from genre to genre, each one sounding unique. Anyone can find something in their liking, given the wide range of choices. The fact that he has blown up in such little time proves his talent. In just one year, his self titled album has been nominated for a Grammy, a VMA, won two Billboard Music Awards, (and was nominated for another three!), and generated a roaring world tour.

Through multiple guitar switches and glittering iPhone flashlights, Hozier mesmerized all who viewed his magical performance. It was a chill, mellow concert. Everyone around me was kind and happy; no one was pushing or shoving, as they have done in other shows I’ve experienced. Some were even brought to tears in the final encore song, “Cherry Wine.” Friendships were formed between fans, and there was a certain connection we all felt between ourselves, the audience, and the music. Hushes were heard throughout the audience, as this show was entirely for the music. I was impressed by Hozier’s simplistic approach to performance: there wasn’t much of a light show, there weren’t any stunts, yet his special flair captivated the entire audience. His extreme talent and legendary voice was all that we needed. Hozier proved his seemingly overnight success with each song steeped in emotion and truth.