Cafeteria Review

Kyra Fleischman '17, Writer

The good:

With its very friendly staff and yummy tater tots, it is no surprise that the cafeteria at Marin Catholic is so highly praised in comparison to many other high schools in Marin. It has stellar breakfast food, a plethora of sweets, and a taco day that is off the charts. If you are looking for a healthy snack at break, the oatmeal or yogurt with granola serves as both a nutritional hold over and something to satisfy your taste buds. The breakfast sandwiches and freshly baked goods are also highly acclaimed, and go quickly (so get in line fast!). For lunch, the soups, salads, and food of the day offer lots of variety for different pallets. If you are in the mood for a smaller snack, the “short line” offers energy bars, pastries, salads, and Fair Trade tea and hot chocolate! Similarly, Marin Catholic made the switch to Fair Trade, showing that MC cares about the way our food is made, and where it comes from.The cafeteria staff are kind and create a comfortable atmosphere.

The bad:

Although the cafeteria provides a variety of foods, and meets many students needs, it has limited vegetarian and dairy free options. It recently added more gluten-free options, which many students are thankful for as there is a large number of students who are gluten-free. It would be greatly appreciated if we could make the switch to include more options for people with other dietary constraints too. Many students are lactose intolerant so it is a bit of a let down when every single salad, burrito, and sandwich contains cheese or cream. In addition, instead of just regular milk, soy or almond milk could be sold for cereal as other alternatives to milk. A number of vegetarian students have voiced that they wish there was tofu served since meat is served. Also, in addition to having take away salads, having take away tofu spring rolls, or vegan wraps would encourage healthy eating while being inclusive of everyone’s allergies and dietary needs.

** The Roar would like to give a special thanks to Ms. Jennifer Skinner for the cover photo of this story!!