The Four Favorite Ways to Ask Someone to Homecoming


Lauren Lombardi '18, Writer


It’s the beginning of the school year, everyone is getting settled into their new classes, meeting new friends, and joining clubs. Homecoming is slowly but surely creeping up, and then the rally happens. Girls spend days wondering who might ask them, while boys wonder who they should ask that they like and might say yes to them. But it seems like all creativity has been lost in asking girls to homecoming. If you really want a girl to say yes, then do something special that no one has done before- be pretentious, make a big scene, or make a little but heartfelt one. To get you thinking, here’s a list of four ways to ask a girl to homecoming!

  1. Cupcakes

Cupcakes, who doesn’t love them? This idea involves six cupcakes each with two letters spelling out the word homecoming and then a question mark. This idea is special because you don’t have to give all the cupcakes to her at once. At the end of each of her classes, have someone give her one of the cupcakes with the letters. Throughout the whole day, she will be wondering who is giving her the cupcakes and trying to ask her to homecoming. At the end of the day when she walks out of her last class, stand outside of it with the last cupcake– a question mark. You can also create a sign that says, “It would be SWEET of you to go to homecoming with me,” or get her more cupcakes with more question marks.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

If you really want to build suspense, then create a scavenger hunt for the girl to follow around campus. First, start by slipping a clue in her locker with some nondescript facts about you. Second, have clues leading her to go to classrooms you share, where you first met, etc. Each of her clues should have a little detail about you so she can guess who you are, and if she already knows you are going to ask her to the dance, write nice things about her on the clues. Eventually have the clues lead her to a place where you will be waiting with some flowers like the middle of the football field or the fountain, and hand her the last clue which asks her to homecoming.

  1. Locker Cleanout

If you want to do something easy and still creative, then have one of her friends give you her locker combination and take everything out of her locker. Leave a slip of paper saying, “If you ever want to see your books again, you’ll have to go (name place)”. This being a place of your choice on campus like a classroom. Go to the classroom and have a poster, and put her books right next to you. Then say if she says yes she can have her books back, but if she says no she won’t get them back (so this one will work for sure *wink-wink*)

  1. Parking Spot

For those of you who want to go all out, decorate her parking spot. Make it the perfect morning area with hot chocolate/coffee and pastries. Draw a line with chalk halfway through the parking spot. On one side write on the asphalt that the only way she will get the hot chocolate/coffee and pastries, is if she goes to homecoming with you and steps across the line. On the other side, stand and hold the treats until she inevitably says yes.