“A Man is Never Lost at Sea”


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The Meave Poetry Contest is an annual tradition sponsored by the Meave Family. This contest promotes poetry as both an artistic outlet as well as an opportunity to make note or even to make sense of the world around us.

Based on a prompt from this year’s summer read, Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, students were instructed to compose a poem in which they reflected on the place where they felt most comfortable. They were to inform the audience on the qualities of this place that tests them, restores them, and gives them purpose.

Congratulations to Sarah Coduto ’15, the overall winner! Check out her poem below:


My Heart Can Make the Daylight Crackle

The grain in the fields aches with pregnant summer,

made ripe and ready by a heat oppressive.

Cyprus trees rip their gnarled and twisted bodies toward the heavens

like their ugly beauty pains them.

They are framed by a whirling blue and white sky.

Workers chant; stars boil; father and son are made immortal on their lunch break.

All are images brought to life by a hand that would one day chop off an ear.

Vincent Van Gogh laughs when you call him mad.

He sees dimensions you don’t.

With orange hair and a chaotic brain, he is a man, a mind, on fire.


Frida tells her lover that she wants to sky him

because she can think of nothing greater or grander.

Bony prepubescent girls want to know why she doesn’t shave her brow.

They can’t see in her paintings how her love shakes her so violently

that even language crumbles beneath the earthquakes of romance.

They can’t tell that that patch of hair is the only thing holding the islands of her body and her

soul together.

Her love is a sky and a train.

Diego never knew what hit him.


Neruda writes Her one hundred and one love sonnets and none are ever good enough.

No words can capture the silver and gold and rubies in Her hair.

Language will stay as pathetic and insubstantial as the morning mist

as long as She is alive and

as long as She is dead.

He gets lost in Her hair Her skin Her eyes Her mouth Her teeth the blooming flower of Her body and then there he is found.

He calls the light and the wheat of Her hands destiny.

He never stops scribbling Her name.


My ribs are the shell of a burned-out building and dust dances inside my veins.

I write love poems to the woman I’ll be someday.

My atoms are made of diamonds and gold and I am as hard and as precious as both.


I find solace only in the crazed love of dead artists gone wild with passion.

No one sees the logic behind their pain.

Their words and paintings are quiet storms of love and light.

My poetry, too, tastes like metal and ozone.

My heart can make the daylight crackle.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Alexandre Simard, Freshman First Place:  Land of the Long-Necked Men”

Leo LeMerle, Freshman Second Place:  The Chateau”

Laura Baquerizo, Freshman Third Place:   Soul People”

Jade Fagersten, Sophomore First Place (tie): Wings of Blue”

Genevieve Finn, Sophomore First Place (tie):  Swimming Pool”

Lindsay Cobb, Sophomore Third Place:  The Drive”

Jackie McLaughlin, Junior First Place:  The Library”

Finn Semling, Junior Second Place:  Such is Life”

Catherine Collins, Junior Third Place: The Loveliest Cacaphony”

Natalie Gill, Senior First Place: The Row”

Connor Merrion, Senior Second Place:  Songs of the Sun and the Sea”

Alia Anderson, Senior Third Place: Searching”


Sarah Coduto, First Prize Overall: “My Heart Can Make the Daylight Crackle”