Apple’s “Spring Forward” Conference Unveils Apple Watch, New MacBook


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Miles Sanford '18, Writer

Apple held their spring press conference “Spring Forward” on Tuesday, March 9, 2015. “Spring Forward” — it’s a reference to time, no doubt calculated by Apple, that was caught by many technology journalists when the event was announced. We saw updates on the Apple Watch that included exact box details and pricing, and an all-new MacBook. As with most Apple releases, both announcements are sure to be controversial.

In the Apple Watch department, we saw the final much-speculated pricing information. The lowest tier, Apple Watch Sport, will start at $349 for a small watch and $399 for a large. Next up will be the standard Apple Watch, which will start at $549 and extend to — depending on the choice of watchband — upwards of $1,100. This comes as a surprise for many at Marin Catholic, who did not expect such a high price. “They’re absurdly expensive,” said Mr. JP Manfredi, a theology teacher at MC. “I’d be willing to buy the less expensive model, however.”

The price of the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition comes at an even bigger surprise to Apple customers around MC and the world. The elite, premium edition of the watch will start at $10,000. That’s just the beginning, however, because the watch can go up to $17,000, depending on whether you choose yellow or rose gold and how much gold is on the watchband. “Apple [employees] are the most ridiculous people I’ve ever met!” exclaimed Matin Torabian after hearing about the prices. “No one is going to spend $10,000 on a digital watch!” Although many are unsure if Apple’s deluxe product will succeed, analysts believe that there will be a market for these costly gadgets. Milton Pedraza, CEO of Luxury Institute consulting firm, believes that these watches aren’t even real luxury and that the prices are just a drop in the bucket for America’s one-percent. “At ten thousand dollars, I would call that more of a premium watch,” he told The New Yorker. Nevertheless, there will be plenty of time to see how they perform on the market.

The second part of Monday’s announcement detailed a long awaited update to the MacBook laptop. The new computer features an edge-to-edge keyboard and a pressure-sensitive trackpad. It also incorporates Apple’s famed retina display technology in a thin enclosure. There is the usual all-day battery life, but this laptop is a product of many firsts for Apple. It’s their first computer with an all-metal enclosure, no fans, and a new USB-Type C connector. The laptop only has one port for the power cable. To plug in a display or USB drive, Apple sells an adapter that turns this power port into a standard USB. “There just aren’t enough USB ports,” Adeleine Trombley told us. This won’t be an inconvenience to the many who store files in the cloud using a service like Google Drive or iCloud. However, this aspect may be a deterrent to pro-market buyers. Notwithstanding, it’s one of the tradeoffs Apple has decided to make in order to produce a thinner laptop.

“That looks really cool!” Ryan Bird said as he examined the new product. “It has the same abilities as the MacBook Pro, but they made it into the size of the MacBook Air.” The thin-ness and light-ness of Apple’s newest release scares some MC students. “It definitely looks very thin and light,” Trombley told The Roar. “I’d be afraid to drop it and break it in half; it looks too thin for me.”

We will see how Apple’s new products perform in the next couple of quarters. The Apple Watch became available to to purchase on April 24., and the new MacBook laptop on April 10.