St. Vincent de Paul: Serving a World Away


Claire Kellar '16, Contributor

St. Vincent de Paul is one of many service clubs on the Marin Catholic campus. This group, however, is far from ordinary. Dedicated to relieving the burdens of the less fortunate in our local and global communities, the club, under moderator Mr. Tassone, has led several clothing and Lenten drives, as well as a number of fundraisers and events. The annual autumn clothing drive equips local Christian shelters with apparel and other essentials. In 2012, the club led a fundraiser which included a walk-a-thon to free slaves in South Sudan and supply them with the necessities to start a new, free life. Other projects headed up by MC’s SVdP club include aiding our sister school in El Carmen, providing funds to build wells in African communities, and providing support and assistance to an orphanage in the Philippines. This year, the profits from the Lenten drive will go to ISIS refugees who have fled their home countries.

Frédérik Ozanam founded the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in 1833, intending to primarily serve the ill. The group has now expanded to include all anawim, including the poor, the marginalized, and the oppressed. The club is also spiritually directed, and the members are encouraged to openly express and share their faith.

Marin Catholic’s mission statement guides its students to prioritize faith, knowledge, and service, all of which can be identified within the SVdP club. Through their faith, members strive to expand their belief, spread helpful information, and carry out God’s will of helping those in need.

Editor’s note: This week, a group of Iraqi Christian refugees visited Marin Catholic to speak about the experience of fleeing their home city, which was invaded by ISIS this past summer. They are a part of the nearly 120,000 Christians who have become displaced in recent months in the wake of ISIS’s campaign for hegemony over the Middle East. You can help their cause by participating in St. Vincent de Paul’s Lenten Drive and donating money in your theology classes. According to the organization Christian Aid, $75 can feed a family of four for a week. If every student at Marin Catholic were to donate $10, we could feed nearly 100 families. Please consider donating to aid this cause.